A mouth watering combination of Scottish salmon fillet, jumbo king prawns and perfectly poached chicken breast finished off with a topping of caviar. Available as a single or sharing portion. 

£2.50 - Single portion

£5.00 - Double portion


A popular choice consisting of three fresh ocean delights! Due to this dish being bought and prepared on demand we cannot state the exact fish that will be used, it really is whatever is the 'catch of the day'! However we can promise it will be served with the finest caviar and gently cooked to perfection!

£2.50 per portion

Our purrfectly prepared seafood soup is a taste sensation for your cat's palate. Juicy whole shrimps with flaked tuna loin, coated in a delicate tasting broth, accompanied by 4 cooked jumbo king prawns.

£2.50 per portion

An exquisite meal for a true meat eater. Poached free range chicken breast served on a bed of pulled shredded chicken topped with a little broth. Purrfect for those cats who like their treats on the carnivorous side! 

£2.50 per portion



Our chefs special, Tilly Bo's Terrine is a mixture of your cats favourite treat wether it be of the fish or meat variety, served with a generous portion of organic dried catnip to give it the real wow factor!

Available in Tuna and Anchovy or Chicken and Lamb.

£2.50 per portion.




All of the fish used in our dishes is sustainably sourced.